5 Reasons To Sell Your Home in Winter

You might think that listing your home over the winter isn’t a very good idea, the weather may be chilly but the market is still surprisingly hot. In this months blog, we list 5 reasons why selling your home over the colder months may benefit you.


  • Boxing Day is the busiest day on Rightmove! The Christmas pastime of most people is no longer watching the EastEnders special, getting excited about the Boxing Day sales or playing board games, but searching for properties on online portals! Rightmove experienced its busiest ever Boxing Day in 2020, with traffic leaping a massive 54% in comparison to the same day in 2019.


  • Less competition! There are usually fewer properties on the market, meaning that there is less competition for buyers’ attention. It is suggested that sellers will get closer to their asking price too, as buyers know they have fewer alternatives.


  • That homely feel! In the colder months, the emphasis is on making a property homely and warm, both literally and figuratively. This makes viewers feel more cozy during appointments and buyers say it is easier to see themselves living in a welcoming property.


  • New Year ‘reset button’! A lot of buyers tend to wait until the new year to start their property search, this might be because buyers like to wait for Christmas to be over or they might be entering a change of lifestyle.


  • Professionals have more time! The quieter time of year could work in your favour when it comes to third parties. Solicitors, estate agents and surveyors may be less busy this time of year, and so might be able to help you push your sale through quicker


We can help to ensure your home stands above the competition. Targeted marketing, well-written descriptions, and canny use of (seasonal) photos can all help to achieve the best price. For more information, contact your local Paul Fox Branch!