Your LOCAL Energy Assessor

Paul Fox are one of the leading Estate Agents in the North Lincolnshire area. Our experienced, independent Energy Assessor can carry out Energy Performance Certificates at a competitive fee across Lincolnshire and South Yorkshire. To request an EPC, contact your local branch today!

What is a EPC?

An EPC is a legal requirement when selling or renting a property. The document provides an overview of the energy efficiency of a property and is created by assessing the construction of the building, the type of dwelling and all of its energy features . The assessor will look at your boiler, insulation and any renewable energy sources.

How to prepare for an EPC

Our assessor carrying out your EPC will require evidence and documentation for any works or improvements on your home, such as extensions or installations. Wherever possible please make sure these are available during their visit or let the assessor know before the appointment.

Types of documents may include invoices and certificates for loft insulation, proof of cavity wall insulation, loft conversions or extensions and solar panels. If you are unable to provide documentation or access, this may a negative effect on the overall rating.

What happens during an EPC?

The EPC assessor will need to be able to access all areas of the property, access must be clear. They’ll need to get to the fuel supply to read electric and gas meters; the loft space to view insulation, the boiler, heating controls and hot water cylinder. They will also access exterior doors and windows — so make sure keys are available as they will be opened and closed.