4 Tips To Attract More Tenants

At Paul Fox Estate Agents, we can help you with your letting journey! We have written up 4 tips and tricks to help landlords get a good tenant through the door!

Get the front garden in order

If you have a front garden, that will be one of the first things potential tenants will see of your home. You can spruce up a front garden with pretty plants and make sure you’ve completed any de-weeding. When prospective tenants first encounter your property, if they see an unkempt front garden, it could sour their expectations for the rest of your property.


Clean up

A messy property can be a complete turn-off to tenants and this can be avoided by tidying up thoroughly. Landlords can get their rental home spick and span by vacuuming carpets, wiping mirrors and dusting tops of furniture and handrails etc.



A cluttered property is distracting, messy and can prevent tenants from imagining your rental property as their new home. Getting rid of unneeded items and rearranging the house can make it look roomier.


Bring light in

Let the light into your property so it can look bigger and brighter, and this could be more appealing to tenants. As we enter spring, the weather gets brighter and the increased amount of light can be used to your advantage. Bring light in by opening the blinds or curtains and keep all the lights turned on for viewings.


Here at Paul Fox Estate Agents, we can help you to manage your rental property and ensure you get the most from your tenancy as a result. For more information on how we can assist you on your lettings journey in North Lincolnshire & Lincolnshire, contact us today!