Easy Gardening Tips To Attract More Buyers!

With Spring/Summer fast approaching and longer days coming, you may want to pay extra attention to your garden before listing your home. Buyers have a keen eye for outside space and a neater garden could secure you that sale. Whether it’s jet-cleaning the patio, tidying up toys or simply cutting the grass, these seemingly significant things may impact your buyer’s decision.


  • If you can, identify a sunny part of your garden and set out making it a comfortable and a welcoming place to sit and relax. Buyers like to be able to see themselves living in a space!


  • Start by tidying your garden and getting rid of all the junk. Weeding can make a huge difference on your photographs and increase the appeal of your property.


  • One of the easiest things to do and add colour to your garden is adding some bedding plants. Plants don’t have to be tasteful and colour coordinated – mismatched plants can still look great! Bedding plants are not hugely expensive or you can pick up an inexpensive container for just a couple of pounds.


  • Keep those hedges trimmed! Overgrown hedges can put off potential buyers as they immediately see this as work before they even move in. By keeping your hedges low & tidy, it makes your garden look neater and more manageable for a buyer.


  • If you have any, make the most of outdoor buildings! Outdoor buildings not only grant you the extra space, but also provide the additional benefit of not being connected to your home. This can be very appealing to a potential buyer as garden rooms and outdoor offices have been on the rise.


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