How to spot damp problems when viewing property!

It is safe to say, damp is dreaded by most of us. However, in many instances, it isn’t always as serious as it looks. It can be unsightly and need addressing, but the majority of cases are easily treated once the root cause has been identified.


When viewing a property, remember to check for damp! If a property has a musty smell, make sure you keep your eyes (and nose) peeled for the key issues listed below. Don’t be afraid to ask the estate agent or seller if there has been a history of damp in the property!


  • Staining on walls and ceilings. Watermarks or staining on walls or ceilings are signs of water ingress and could indicate a damp problem.


  • Peeling or bubbling paint or wallpaper. This can be a sign of excess moisture in the walls, which can lead to damp.


  • Crumbling plaster. Damp can cause plaster to crumble or become soft and spongy.


  • Mould growth. Look out for any visible signs of mould growth, which can potentially be a health hazard and a sign of underlying damp issues.


  • Cold spots. Cold spots on walls or ceilings can indicate that there is a lack of insulation, which could lead to damp.


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