Can I sell and complete before Christmas (October 2023)

If you’ve decided to sell your home, you may be worried about not completing before Christmas. However, with alternative methods of sale, it’s completely possible to be settled before the tree is up and the Christmas films are on!

We are tackling the stigma around selling a property at auction – it can be for everyone! You can sell your property with no selling fee, quickly and securely. When you have a financially committed buyer, this reduces the chance of a disappointing fall-through. And, as interested parties see each other’s offers, competitive bidding can help increase the final selling price of your property.

Depending on the method of auction you have chosen, the buyer will have either 28 or 56 days from receipt of a draft contract from the buyers solicitor, to complete the purchase. In both cases the buyer will have paid a fee to reserve the property, so they are committed to the purchase.

With this in mind, you could have your sale done and dusted by the first week in December! If this method of sale interests you, speak to your local Paul Fox Branch.