Revealed: Top tips for selling your property

In a turbulent year, last year’s property market still managed to finish on a good note. With a record-breaking year for property transactions and high house prices, now could be a great time to sell your property. 

In January, data from Halifax revealed that typical house prices surged by over £24,500 in 2021. Halifax’s research also uncovered that Scunthorpe, an area where we have an office and know well, was one of the top 20 areas for house price growth.

Here at Paul Fox Estate Agents, we can help you with your selling journey and we’ve written up our top tips which can help your property get sold for the best price.

#1 Property staging

In essence, property staging is when sellers prepare their property for prospective buyers by making it look its best. Staging can involve anything from giving the house a complete makeover to smaller but effective adjustments such as cleaning the property up. Staging can be worth the effort as research has revealed it could add £47,000 when selling your home.

#2 Clear out clutter

A lot of us have accumulated some clutter in our homes because of the pandemic, but when it comes to selling your house, clutter can be a huge put-off. Too much clutter in a property you’re trying to sell can make it hard for buyers to imagine the house as their own as it is distracting and unsightly. 

Refusing to clear up clutter could be a costly mistake as a study from a property platform found 51% of buyers would be deterred from buying a home filled with a large level of clutter.

#4 Depersonalise

What can make your property more attractive to buyers is them being able to see themselves living in it. It is harder to envision living in a property that is full of deeply personal reminders of the owner. So, to help make it easier for buyers to see your house as their home, you should put away personal items. It’s a good idea to pack the below items into storage:

Family photos

Holiday souvenirs


Children’s artwork

#5 Work with an estate agent

Last but not least, working with the right estate agent is key to the selling process going as efficiently as possible and helping you get the best price for your property. At Paul Fox Estate Agents, we boast over 30 years of experience and know the Lincolnshire area extremely well. We also use industry-leading software which provides full marketing of all properties making sure your property receives the widest exposure.

Here at Paul Fox Estate Agents, we can help you to sell your property. For more information on how we can assist you on your selling journey in North Lincolnshire, please contact us today.

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