Do I Need a Survey?

We have found that home buyers are often confused as to what step to take after their offer has been accepted. Although a survey is not a legal requirement, it is important to note that having a survey may help your financial situation in the long run.

You must consider that a mortgage valuation is not for the buyers benefit. This survey is carried out by your lender to make sure the bank is willing to lend money on the property. This is not a detailed survey and will not outline any defects or issues that may arise within the property. This can be a scary commitment as you have no peace of mind that the property is sound.

According to the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), buyers who did not have a survey face an average of £5750 worth of repairs when they moved in. By having a survey, you won’t be stung with a list of repairs upon completion and you may be able to ask the seller to fix any faults. Alternatively, a survey gives you an idea of repairs that may need mending when you complete on the property.

A surveyor can see a variety of issues that you may not be able to detect, this can include (but not limited to); damp, asbestos, subsidence and roof issues. Your survey will include a detailed report and photographs if needed. You will often be able to liaise with your surveyor to help you understand your report.

If you have found the right property for you, we have a team of dedicated Chartered Surveyors, who can access the overall health condition of the property. Contact our team to see what type of survey will be best for you. Tel: 01724 282868