5 tips on decluttering before selling your home

Decluttering now and then can be an important job for all homeowners. But when you decide to sell your property, it becomes a necessity. If your home is packed full of your possessions, it can make your home look not just messy but smaller and can be a real turn off for potential buyers. In this blog, we outline 5 helpful tips on decluttering your home for selling!


  • The entryway. The hall is the first thing a buyer sees when walking in to your property, and first impressions are key! Make sure any shoes and coats are put away/hidden as a cramped hallway could make a buyer feel enclosed.


  • Depersonalize. When your home is depersonalized, it allows the potential buyer to visualize the property as their own. This may include family photos, magnets and drawings on the fridge, as well as children’s toys.


  • The kitchen. The kitchen can be the biggest influence for potential buyers, so making sure it looks the best it can be is key. Kitchen gadgets can be a huge eye sore, it is a good idea to put away as much as you can to keep the worktops looking clean and tidy.


  • Toiletries. It can be overwhelming walking into a bathroom and be hit with several different coloured shampoo bottles and neon shower gel. If you can, collect your toiletries in a bag and put them away before any viewings. This will make the space look more neutral to a buyer.


  • The garden. The garden often gets forgotten about, but these days it is just as important as the house. Put away any toys/bikes, hide the bins and remove any rubbish. This will make your garden look more spacious and appealing.


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